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The Way we Attract Your Own Cure for you

  • We Hand Pick our Preferred romantic treats Foryou personally and origin Them from top manufacturers all over the world to make sure the maximum caliber and protection

  • Our snacks will be dispersed to Canada, in which each thing gets Assessed and permitted from habits to be certain that, it really is 100 percent valid at Canada

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Our Mission

Toys because of the provides unobtrusive, private and flexible Company, But over it all seems true. We understand referring to gender isn't always simply, specially if it is ours.

Toys to her is Here in Order to Supply You with the very best merchandise around the Economy, while it is to love on your own or with somebody.

Our Goal Is to provide girls and guys the Chance to Shop sensual services and products without any guilt or humiliation. Practical experience a huge shopping which may do just excellent.


The Important Accession to Any gender toy order, Lubricant can be imperative and perfect add-in prospect. Give your visitors the alternative that they truly are immediately after with various private translators.

Product Description

Nothing such as a salt along with analgesic odor, embroidered bubbles at a Inspiring water of green lagoon plus also a candle of air to produce an oasis of comfort. Net fat 600g (20 oz)


Manufactured from a 100% accredited organic Ingredients

100% Dead Sea salt

Provides a creamy foam

Floating candle included


Nothing like a salt with aphrodisiac scent, velvet bubbles in an inspiring water of green lagoon and a candle of atmosphere to create an oasis of relaxation.


Made with certified organic ingredients, Fragrance-free, Gluten-free, Use within 24 months of opening, Paraben free, Vegan, Rinse with water.